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Bracketless Shelves Storage Idea

Let’s make a good room with good organization. One of the spaces at home that need good organizer is the laundry room. This room is usually designed with enough storage space for organizing all stuffs neatly. And one of the choices that are right to install is bracketless shelves storage idea. This cool storage idea is really delighted since it will leave a sense of neat when you install in on wall. We can set the shelves on wall and it will be helpful for small laundry room as well. Now, we are going to show you a cool picture of beautiful laundry room that is furnished with elegant farmhouse bracket less shelves on wall. So, have a look at this then!

Farmhouse laundry room with bracketless shelves

The picture here presents a beautiful laundry room which is designed in white theme. It has white wall made of firm wood. It makes the room is furnished with right storage that is appropriate to the farmhouse concept. The wall side over the countertop is furnished with wood wall shelves which are stained in natural look. It uses brown look that is slightly plain to bring out the pattern of the wood. There are some tiers of shelves which are arranged neatly on wall. And we find that each shelf is hold with black metal holder. It uses classic metal holder that has classic shape. So, it really blends beautifully with the wood shelves look. Actually, we do not need to have long shelves. We can install short shelves and arranged them in vertical style. For instance, we may arrange three tiers of shelves on one wall side. And then, we can make the same on another side of wall. It looks nice since the row of the shelves is separated with a single window in the middle, so it creates beautiful wall side with very simple storage shelves.